A Massage i can never Forget

"I had 99 problems,  the  keyword of the sentence "had" because in the end message made my day."

Me and my massage therapist friend:-

I am a Marketing employee and my company pays me really well, I was having a very healthy and perfect kind of lifestyle, everything was going well like movie story or play of drama than suddenly my life took a very dark move, and it falls me from heights of Alps to the trench of Mariana.

The of that I separated with my girlfriend and that thing broke me from inside emotionally and mentally and due to that I started having a very toxic kind of lifestyle in which I included massive amount of cigarettes, alcohol to it,
                   Due to that my health starts becoming not well, and usually I felt becoming sick, than one of my colleague gave an advice that:- "Hey brother! i think you are having these problems due to toxins so you should an Erotic massage, it will satisfy you physically and mentally as well. " then he handed me over a business card of Sutramassage and spa, and said you should try this.

well so I decided to try this out at this weekend, and I called them and scheduled a massage. I reached there and then they told me to choose the massage therapist by whom, I would like to take a message from the whole directory of girls I chose Sheetal, the aroma and the ambiance of Sutra massage parlor were breathtaking and I just got mesmerized by it. then after I had to choose a message type so the only name came to my mind which was suggested by my friend and that was "Erotic massage", so I asked them for that,

 every thing and whatever was happening was new to me, but I was enjoying the new thrill, and then after.
          I entered the massage room I looked at Sheetal & she was damn! beautiful and hot as well. she greeted me first and asked me to remove the clothes I was very confident and I removed my clothes but not the undergarments and then she insisted me to remove that also, if I would like to enjoy the complete Erotic massage . after this thing I got the point why this type of massage is known as the erotic massage .

then after she told me lie-down on the massage table on the chest, then she poured some oil on my back and starts rubbing it gently and I was like "oooh gosh! why I didn't try this earlier " her breasts were also touching throughout my body than in meanwhile I came to know that she is also topless and I can feel her body on my back, then she started giving massage to my lower body and her oily hands were touching my buttocks and pelvic flour uff that moment was touching heights of eroticism. I started feeling turned on, I can even feel her breath which was touching my body,

                                      after massaging my back she asked to turn back and lie-down on the back. just to make myself calm I started talking to her and she was very attentive in that manner because she massaging me and listening to me carefully and as well responding too. she poured some oil on my chest and she made an extremely sensual move, she started rubbing my chest with her breasts, and that feeling was so heavenly that I can't even express.

then after it was very obvious that my penis was erected due to her moves, she looked at it and she took some oil in her hands and she started shaking my penis and I can't believe that I was having a handjob from an ultimate beautiful girl , and after a while I ejaculated, that Erotic massage has now accomplished its heights, after that she cleaned my whole body with a wet towel. I again put on clothes and I was feeling like I'm totally satisfied as hell. it was very refreshing and I felt like every bad thing from my body and soul has flushed out ... in the end, i hugged and thanked her for a lovely experience she gave me.


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